Feeding Fun Night

A few years ago Jennifer got together a group of close friends for a night of food, fun and talking shop with other therapists. The first night was called “Nipple Night” (insert your own jokes here) where they sat around and analyzed and critiqued a number of bottle nipples for flow rate, shape, ease of use and so forth. That first Nipple Night developed into “Feeding Fun Night” where several topics related to dysphagia have been kicked around between friends.

With the creation of CEU-Espresso.com and the work we are putting into getting CEU’s for our courses, we have expanded Feeding Fun Night into a full-blown webcast including two contact hours of Continuing Education credit for participants! Right now we have CEUs from Texas agencies TSHA, TOTA, and TPTA. And, at some point in the future, ASHA CEU’s will be available for these events.

So, here’s the deal: If you are a fan of Jennifer’s teaching, we would like to invite you to the next “Feeding Fun Night” which will be webcast from our living room in Denton, Texas. More details to follow, but registration for the webcast will be $10 for those who want the two contact hours of CEU credit. Registration for those who don’t want CEU credit will be free!

Registration for those who attend in person will be $20 and we will have a sign-up sheet to bring a dish for the pot-luck. In-person registrations are, of course, limited by the size of our living room.

The next Feeding Fun Night will be in January, 2017. We don’t have the dates nailed down yet, but a few of the ideas we are lining up for next year’s FFN installments are:

  • “What a Respiratory Therapist Wishes You Knew”
  • “The latest research and techniques using Elastic Therapeutic Taping for Oral Motor issues”
  • “Pointers from a Pediatric Pulmonologist”

Please contact us here to submit your questions regarding these topics or to recommend areas you’d like to see covered in a future FFN.