NICU – Where it all Begins

+Course Overview

Therapists have been working in the NICU for a few decades now. Do we know what really works and what doesn’t? What does the research say? Does Developmental Care really make a difference? Let’s examine the history of the NICU, neurological development of the neonate, current Developmental Care practices and which practices are actually supported by research. Learn about protection of developing sensory systems, Developmental Care equipment, reading infant cues, and indicators of feeding readiness.

Learn how to encourage implementation of these practices in new and existing units and find available resources for further learning in order to promote health, well-being, and better development in our smallest patients.

+Learner Outcome
As a result of this 2-hour presentation the participant will be able to:
  1. Identify key areas of concern in the development of preterm infants;
  2. List current practices in Developmental Care that are supported by research;
  3. Outline beginning strategies for implementing these practices in the NICU environment.
+Upcoming Schedule

We don’t have this course on our schedule right now. If you would like to hire Jennifer to present this course, please contact us.

+Course Resources

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