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Beyond the NICU – Making the Transition Home

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Beyond the NICU - Making the Transition Home


Beyond the NICU – Making the Transition Home

As the numbers of infants in the NICU are rising, more therapists are being called on treat our youngest patients, but few community-based therapists know what to expect when given the responsibility for assessing and treating NICU graduates. The purpose of this 7-hour presentation is to assist in multidisciplinary staff training of inpatient discharging therapists, outpatient and home health agency personnel as they care for the rising number of NICU graduates and their families as they are discharged to home. The course will cover issues unique to the preemie and the very sick newborn, exploring ways the therapist can care for the infant, and educate and empower the caregivers as they navigate this difficult transition. Participants will be taught how to read the child’s behavioral cues, integrating this information into both assessment and treatment of feeding and developmental issues and possible resources to access. Through labs, each attendee will practice infant handling and positioning techniques. Finally issues surrounding program implementation including suggested competencies will be discussed based on ASHA, AOTA, and APTA guidelines.

To maximize your time and your learning experience, please have a doll (preferably a soft one or one that is easily moveable), baby blanket, bottle (any type), and a washcloth on hand during the course.

Key Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this presentation, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain common issues faced by NICU graduates and their families.
  • Discuss therapeutic interventions that can support the NICU graduate’s development.
  • Describe specific behavioral approach/avoidance cues displayed by these infants that can be used to support successful nippling and breastfeeding.
  • List signs and symptoms of GER and compensatory strategies that might be employed to reduce aversion.
  • List core competencies necessary to treat this population.



7 hours.


120 Minutes Where They Came From
• Classifications of Prematurity
• Neurologic Development
• Implications of Gestational Age
• Infant-Driven Developmental Care
15 Minutes Break
105 Minutes Common Developmental Issues
• Visual (ROP, Strabismus, Nystagmus, Tracking)
• Musculoskeletal (Torticollis, Plagiocephaly, Abnormal Tone)
60 Minutes Lunch
90 Minutes Feeding Development & Dysphagia
• Cue-Based Feeding
• Effects of Positioning on Swallowing and Development
• Appropriate Nipples/Bottle System Selection
• Thickening Concerns and Cautions
• Supporting Breastfeeding
15 Minutes Break
30 Minutes GER: Signs/Symptoms & Treatment (Direct and Indirect)
45 Minutes Family Issues and supportive strategies
15 Minutes Program Implementation Guidelines
15 Minutes Q&A


About the Presenter:

Jennifer Meyer is a popular national speaker in the areas of NICU and Pediatric Dysphagia and has received exceptional ratings for her courses. She has over 30 years experience specializing in pediatric feeding disorders, working in Neonatal Intensive Care Units, developing outpatient hospital-based feeding programs, providing consultation and program development for Early Childhood Intervention Programs and Home Health Companies, and serving as Assistant Clinical Professor at Texas Woman’s University and Clinical Coordinator of the Center for Assisting Families with Feeding and Eating (CAFFE).


Presenter Disclosures:

Financial: Jennifer Meyer is a co-owner of CEU-Espresso, Inc. and was paid an honorarium for this presentation. She owns a private practice, Feeding and Dysphagia Resources, P. C. in Denton, TX.
Non-financial: Jennifer is a personal friend of the developer of the Res-Q Infant Wedge, sometimes mentioned in her presentations.

Sponsor Disclosure:

This course is presented by CEU-Espresso, Inc.

Content Disclosure:

This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.

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In-Person, Live Webcast, On-Demand, Feeding Fun Watch Party, Live Web Conference

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Offering ASHA CEUs, Offering AOTA CEUs, Without CE Credit

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May 7, 2021 / Live Web Conference / Public, N/A


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