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    But I Don’t WANT to Eat It!! – The impact of sensory food issues on the nutritional balance of the diet

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    Feeding Therapists are constantly faced with the task of encouraging clients to eat more and eat a more varied diet.  Yet we rarely have even a basic understanding of the nutritional make-up of the foods our clients eat.

    The way food feels in our mouth is a large part of why we do or do not like a food, so for those with sensory issues this can add extra challenges to finding nutritional balance. Foods with the same textures generally have very similar nutritional composition and for someone who only likes specific textures this limits the variety of nutrients in their diet.

    Written and taught from the perspective of a Dietitian whose own children had sensory-based feeding issues, this course will discuss how to work toward nutritional balance while gradually expanding the repertoire of foods an individual is willing to consume.

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