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    Love or Logic: Discussing Effective Counseling Methods for Pediatric Feeding Disorders

    Love or Logic: Effective Counseling Methods for Pediatric Feeding Disorders

    Although counseling is a tool that is certainly discussed in formal and informal education, many clinicians feel they are ill-equipped, constantly faced with having to deliver bad news, and have accompanying negative feelings around their lack of training.

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  • IDDSI Framework image used per Creative Commons License.

    IDDSI: The Plot Thickens!

    This presentation will explore the practice of thickening in dysphagia, including efficacy research, issues of concern, and the new IDDSI® framework and vocabulary. It will explain the different types of thickeners, when they are appropriate, their pros and cons, and possible unintended side effects. There will be a demonstration of the IDDSI® levels of thickness and possible alternatives to thickening.

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