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Today, we live in a very pretentious world. No matter how unhappy or lonely we actually are, the only thing that bothers us is how we are presenting ourselves on social media sites. Our insecurities are such that we don’t even think about expressing our concerns to even the people closest to us. The world is getting more connected but we are disconnecting from ourselves. Talking about mental health and related issues is still considered taboo and the fear of being labeled ‘not cool’ stops us from talking about our pains and problems If you are also dealing with depression, anxiety or just want to talk to someone about things that are bothering you, then you should not hesitate in visiting a psychologist. With therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (kognitiiv käitumisteraapia) or art therapy, a psychologist can help you find an outlet for your emotions and ease anxiety. When you speak about your problems with the therapist it helps you face reality in a better way. If we talk specifically about cognitive therapy, it is very effective for short-term problems. This therapy mainly works on how a person thinks, feels, believes, and behaves. During the session, the therapist helps the person understand what is promoting negating thinking and how to minimize or eliminate that.

Another therapy that can be very helpful is art therapy. Just as the name suggests, in this therapy, the psychologist uses art and creativity to understand a person’s mental health. With art therapy, the person gets a chance to explore the self, using art and creativity. Also, traumatic therapy and crisis counseling can help people find the best ways to cope with the trauma that follows a crisis.

For excellent counseling services, you can get in touch with the experts at Heaolu. It is a well-known center where you can get advice of crisis (kriisinõustamine) along with counseling for any kind of mental issue that you are facing.This center is owned by Maria Kanter, a certified and qualified psychologist with more than 10 years of experience. Her areas of specialization include dealing with mental health and human well being. Not just for adults, but Heaolu also offers counseling services for kids and teenagers. Whether you are looking for trauma counseling, psychological counseling, self-esteem training or mindfulness training Heaolu can be your one-stop solution.

About Heaolu:

Heaolu is a trusted counseling center offering art therapy (kunstiteraapia), cognitive behavioral therapy and more.

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