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Do you remember when was the last time you discussed freely about your feelings with someone? Do you remember when was the last that you felt happy from within and not just smiled for social media posts? The world where we live is only bothered about how we are presenting ourselves on social media sites. Even though we don’t have enough friends to talk, we want to have large social media followers because that’s what makes us cool, right? But, the number of people who follow us or the number of likes that our posts get is not the scale to measure how happy we actually are. And since we are busy presenting our happiest face in front of the world, we fail to understand that it’s okay to ask for help.

If you are also feeling lonely from inside, you can visit a physiologist for cognitive behavioral therapy kognitiiv käitumisteraapia Speaking about your mental health shows that you are stronger and a step ahead of all those people who are still trying to hide how lonely they are with the social media filters. Cognitive behavior therapy is for the people who are dealing with depression or anxiety and here the counselor tries to understand how the person thinks, feels, believes. So, it is a short-term psychotherapy treatment.

Other than cognitive behavioral therapy, another popular type of therapy is trauma therapy. This therapy is for people who are dealing with trauma and have faced events that have endangered their social identity, physical existence, and security. If you are dealing with stress, anxiety or are depressed, you can also take the help of a counselor to feel good and to live happily. For this, you can either look for a trusted counseling center or you can contact Heaolu.

Heaolu is a trusted and well-known counseling center that is founded by Maria Kanter, who is a reputed psychologist. Maria works with a certified team of professionals who take pride in helping people so that they don’t feel sad or depressed anymore. Here, at Heaolu you can get services like trauma counseling, psychological counseling, mindfulness training, self-esteem training, child psychologist (laste psühholoog, cognitive-behavior therapy, and more. If you want to know more about the counseling therapies that the center offers, you can visit the website of Heaolu today.

About Heaolu:

Heaolu is a trusted center that you can get in touch with to get art therapy (kunstiteraapia).

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