Heaolu: Offering Evidence-based Psychotherapy Treatment and Workshops to Tackle Mental Health

Human life is completely unpredictable, and you may encounter a difficult or traumatic situation at any point in your life. Such trauma can be a grave accident, sexual harassment, or any serious event that affects the physical existence, basic needs, social security, and identity of a person. In times like these, it is imperative for the person suffering to opt for crisis counselling (kriisinõustamine). Though in situations like these, people do not want to talk but talking is the only effective solution. In crisis counselling, person suffering will get an opportunity to talk about what happened, what will be its effect on their life. This will provide a safe space to process their emotions freely and give them a changed perspective. So, if you or someone you know need such counselling, you may want to get in touch with Heaolu.

Heaolu is one of the leading psychotherapy treatment clinic that offers professional, certified, and evidence-based counselling and therapy. The service is established and run by Maria Kanter, who is a certified and registered psychologist who has an experience of 10 years in offering scientifically proven and effective psychotherapy solutions to her patients. Working as a certified child psychologist (laste psühholoog) Maria Kanter has offered the best treatment to children suffering from trauma through Heaolu. The psychotherapy treatment clinic provides professional treatment for common mental and behavioral disorders to children, adults, and adolescents daily. Apart from crisis counseling, Heaolu also gives other psychotherapy services such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness workout, art therapy, self-esteem training, mourning therapy, and more.

Apart from effective treatments, Heaolu also offers training and workshops that are aimed to enhance the knowledge on how to solve or prevent these mental health issues. These Heaolu workshops are targeted towards several groups of people such as parents, students, teachers, work teams, and other such target groups. Based on the group, Heaolu gives thematic training and workshop. The psychotherapy wellness center also partners with several educational institutions, district governmental organizations, kindergartens to help and prevent mental health problems. So, if you need to consult a certified child psychologist (lastepsühholoog), cognitive-behavioral therapist, or mindfulness training, you must book your consultation with Heaolu. To do so, you can either get in touch with them via email or call them on +37256900832. Alternatively, you can also book your appointment through their website.

For more information, visit https://heaolu.ee/


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