Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for a Sound Mental Well-being

Life is uncertain and with so many events and situations that people face, it can sometimes become difficult to comprehend and tackle your emotions. Therefore, it is always suggested that whenever you feel that the negative emotions are taking over your mind and are disrupting your daily life by stopping you from reaching your full potential, consult a psychologist. These are professionals who have studied intensively and have treated and helped people manage their mental health. There are different approaches that psychologists use based on the condition of the patient. One of those approaches is cognitive-behavioral therapy (kognitiiv käitumisteraapia) that focuses on identifying and correcting negative thoughts that might be clouding your mind.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been gaining rapid popularity as a preferred treatment approach by psychologists. Based on a cognitive model, the therapy tells us that our feelings and emotions are the results of our thoughts rather than any external stimuli. The therapy is popular because of its quick results in a short period, mostly 12-15 sessions. Apart from being quick, the main reason that this therapy approach is used because it is problem-focused and goal-oriented therapy and lays emphasis on the present rather than the developmental history of the patient. In addition to this, the outcome of this therapy depends on the patient and how they navigate through the advice given by a psychologist. Though this therapy is not meant for serious mental disorders it can help people understand that a positive thought process leads to positive outcomes. 

So, if you feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage your emotions and thoughts, consult a professional psychotherapy center like Heaolu that has certified and licensed psychologists that can help you maintain your mental health. Heaolu gives appointments for counseling and therapy sessions to all age groups. If you have been in a traumatic situation, the psychotherapy center provides crisis advice (kriisinõustamine) and helps you tackle the situation and its after-effects. The center not only provides therapy but also has awareness programs in which they explain to people why mental well-being is important and how to efficiently manage it. So if you know someone who might need psychotherapy or it might be you, who might need an intervention, get in touch with Heaolu now and reach your full potential. 

About Heaolu:

Heaolu is a professional psychotherapy center that has certified child psychologist (laste psühholoog) and other experts.

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