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  • Simply Thick Products

    Simply Thick: What’s New and How to Use It

    In Feeding Therapy we often have to recommend thickening liquids for a period of time for our patient’s safety. The Team usually looks to us to suggest which product(s) to use. As part of expanding and deepening our knowledge-base regarding the products available, Simply Thick® will present their products outlining appropriate use, preparation, ingredients, cautions, and contraindications. We are excited for Simply Thick® that they will be unveiling an entirely new product line during this presentation! Join us as we practice preparation and watch us taste-test the products! Please Note: this is a product demonstration from one company. Other products from other manufacturers will not be presented. No sales will take place.

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  • Table Manners: Ethics for therapists

    Table Manners: Ethics and Building a Feeding Team

    Credentialing coming soon!


    This course provides guidelines for inter- and intra-professional behavior in supporting a positive and dynamic Team-Based approach to assessing and treating Feeding and Swallowing Disorders keeping in mind the best interests of the client, but balancing them with the ethical, legal and professional concerns of the practitioner.

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    infant getting massage

    Using Touch to Change Lives in the NICU and Beyond: Infant Massage for Reflex Development

    An explanation of the research behind and demonstration of using beneficial, graded, targeted sensory input to help stabilize the autonomic nervous system, encourage parent-child bonding and even facilitate the emergence of reflexes necessary for successful feeding. Aimed at both the novice and the experienced therapist giving them a new modality.

    This recorded webinar was presented live during Feeding Fun Night Saturday June 21st, 2014.

    See additional information in the full Course Description.

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    I won't eat that!

    But I Don’t WANT to Eat It!! – The impact of sensory food issues on the nutritional balance of the diet

     Note: The handout for this course is available and we are working on editing the video to get it up. If you sign up for the course you can access the handout and we will notify you when we get the video up!

    Coming Soon!


    Feeding Therapists are constantly faced with the task of encouraging clients to eat more and eat a more varied diet.  Yet we rarely have even a basic understanding of the nutritional make-up of the foods our clients eat.

    The way food feels in our mouth is a large part of why we do or do not like a food, so for those with sensory issues this can add extra challenges to finding nutritional balance. Foods with the same textures generally have very similar nutritional composition and for someone who only likes specific textures this limits the variety of nutrients in their diet.

    Written and taught from the perspective of a Dietitian whose own children had sensory-based feeding issues, this course will discuss how to work toward nutritional balance while gradually expanding the repertoire of foods an individual is willing to consume.

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    The Res-Q Wedge

    Reflux Treatments and Research – Where are we at?

     Note: The handout for this course is available and we are working on editing the video to get it up. If you sign up for the course you can access the handout and we will notify you when we get the video up!

    Coming Soon!


    The incidence of Reflux is on the rise.  You see it on your caseload all the time – It keeps coming up again and again. How do we get it back down?? We don’t want to go overboard but we have some stats, info, and ideas to help! (LOL – Sorry about that. We couldn't resist!)

    See the full course description for the official write-up.

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    In the thick of it

    In the Thick of It

    So WHAT is going on with Thickeners these days? Do we use Simply Thick in peds or not? What’s up with Rice Cereal and cancer?  Are gel-based thickeners okay for our geriatric population?  Get some answers to these questions and more as we explore the history and use of different options for thickening in dysphagia across the lifespan.  We’ll look at the pros and cons of various thickeners and their possible ramifications on respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.  I’ll present information from recent discussions with the FDA regarding use of Simply Thick and rice and teach some alternatives to thickening such as various feeding positions and use of different nipples, cups, and feeding utensils and when these should be considered.

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  • Wighead

    Tools for Treating Feeding in the Medically-Challenging Child

    Do you have patients that just aren’t in your textbooks? Can’t find a pre-packaged program for your caseload? Anatomy is the foundation for all we do and the more complicated the patient, the more we need to get back to the basics.

    Also known as “The Wighead Course”, this fun, highly interactive workshop for SLP/SLPAs , OT/COTAs and PT/PTAs will finally teach you Anatomy in a way you can understand, remember and really use in assessment and treatment-planning. You’ll learn exactly how and why craniofacial anomalies affect feeding and breathing and when you can and cannot help. You’ll understand why g-tube dependence causes sensory changes and what to do about it. You’ll even learn how to use a stethoscope for thoracic auscultation to aid in detection of aspiration outside of the radiology suite. Then we’ll evaluate some of the emerging therapy techniques and explore the relevant controversies in light of our solid understanding of anatomy and physiology.

    Come gain the skills to assess and formulate specific treatment techniques unique to each patient based on their individual anatomy and physiology and leave encouraged and motivated to go back to your medically-challenging patients with real tools to help!

    Please contact us if you are interested in hosting this live course.

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